In Latin America will supply LADA

  At the beginning of 2014 Nicaragua is planning to buy about 500 LADA cars in the Russian Federation every year. Service GK "Rosteh" informs, that these cars are bought basically for updating of already available taxi company of the country. Moreover VAZ’ cars, Nicaragua aims to buy about 25 PAZ minibuses, 31 KAVZ buses, and also 60 KAMAZ dumpers.


  However this news isn’t the last. Also, representatives of Nicaragua noticed that they would be glad to receive free of charge set of KAVZ buses, GAZelle minibuses, and moreover Niva cars for the first aid park. However the Russian authorities haven’t reacted possibly to this request and probably will not give affirmative reply.


  At the given stage of development the LADA company exports the cars abroad successfully enough. For the most part Kazakhstan is a foreign commodity market. Taking to consideration the last report of AUTOVAZ for 2013, the company has sent abroad about 62413 LADA cars.

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